Environmentally and budget friendly

We are committed to cost-effective environmental design. Whether you want to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, we can work with you to employ sustainable design options and environmentally friendly construction practices.

In our experience the single most cost-effective step in environmental design is in the improvement of the building envelope. Appropriate insulation of each exterior section of the house, foundation walls, slabs, walls, glazing, floors and roofs can deliver improved efficiency and performance from all of the systems in the house, and with the least incremental cost increase. Additionally, we believe in careful management of water and vapor within the building envelope.

We can consult with you on the value and cost structure of a wide range of conservation strategies. GGB has experience in a variety of sustainable building and system practices in the residential market, ranging from passive solar gain, water conservation and reuse, to solar panels and geothermal heating & cooling. We encourage recycling, limiting waste, and the use of sustainable building products.

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