Talented people who are easy to partner with

Rick Guidelli and Gary Gilman founded the firm in 1989, when they began taking on custom renovation projects. They quickly built a reputation for the quality of their workmanship, their integrity, and their skills in managing complicated projects.

As they grew the business, the two partners focused on finding people who were the right fit — who shared their work ethic, and their convictions that courtesy, respect, and collaboration make for happy clients, successful projects, and a rewarding, enjoyable workplace.

Doug Bellow was that kind of person, joining the firm as a carpenter in 1991, and becoming a partner in 2004. Over the years, the three partners have brought more than 25 like-minded people on board, from carpenters and interior designers to managers and architects.

Everyone who is part of the Gilman Guidelli & Bellow team shares a desire to do great work, and to be part of an enjoyable workplace. The respect and courtesy we show each other extends to our clients, architects and subcontractors.The results are good relationships, projects that proceed with precision, and homes of beautiful form and function.

North: 26 Farwell Street Newton, Massachusetts 02460 • 617.776.7763  |  South:  99 Cummings Lane, Westport, Massachusetts • 617.799.0420