Controlling costs and timing on complex projects

Once we have a set of plans and specifications for your project, we’ll create a comprehensive set of budgets and schedules, carefully developed to provide you with the most detailed, accurate view possible of the timing and costs of your home construction.

Our budgets often contain as many as 500-1000 different line items. We want to provide you with as many detailed costs as possible, so that you can make informed decisions about the execution of the project. In any instances where we lack adequate information to accurately bid a specific line item, we say so in advance, bringing all allowances to your attention at the start. Also, if cost changes arise during a project, either as a result of an unforeseen condition or because creative inspiration impacts the project specs, we bring it to your attention quickly.

We take an equally painstaking approach to documenting project timing. The critical path, bar-style schedules we create help you and the entire project team easily see the various construction phases and the length of each, and are enormously valuable in seeing how key decisions will impact the construction timeline.

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