Managing a smooth and efficient work flow

Building a custom, luxury home requires the careful orchestration of dozens of people, many thousands of dollars in materials, and a million-and-one details. That’s why we assign both an on-site supervisor and a project manager to your construction project.

Your onsite supervisor is the person who tracks all the day-to-day details — from what materials were delivered, to when the electricians arrived, to what work was completed. Your supervisor will direct subcontractors, alert the rest of the team if issues arise, and answer any questions you have.

Back at our office, a project manager will be coordinating schedules, ordering materials, and communicating with you and everyone else on the team as needed to ensure that the project remains on schedule and on budget.

And, because you’re choosing our firm based on the reputation built by our three partners, one of them will be closely involved in managing the construction of your home. Through regular visits to the job site and participation in project meetings, the firm partner will ensure that all work is proceeding up to Gilman Guidelli & Bellow’s exacting standards. Not many firms can make the promise of partner involvement, and it is a point-of-difference that makes us proud.

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